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The only store that can taste "Hakodate Wagyu"


Hakodate is a tourist city where seafood are very famous.


Although it is not well known as the beef production center, "Hakodate Wagyu"produced in Kikonaichou is very rich in quality and rich in taste as the local food ingredients.


Everyone who is in sightseeing is surprised many people after eating with "This taste is this price?"


Our shop is located 5 minutes on foot from Goryokaku Park, and access from the Honchou area which is the center of Hakodate is also good, so I think that you can feel free to enter a travel plan.


100% order cut shop


It is a shop that Hiroshi Tsushima built for the first time for 40 years, firstengaged in meat from the production of beef cattle to dismantling / processing,wholesale to retailing, while witnessing the production site of livestock atthe house which is the family business of pig farming and witnessing theproduction site . In 2016 we received a "national excellent livestock merchantfrom" the Japan Livestock Federation Association.


We will adjust (processing) the amount of your choice on the spot of yourchoice, on the spot until you reach the pig brand of "Hakodate Wagyu" steak,from Sukiyaki for pork ground beef. The best commitment of our shop is that itkeeps refrigerated "Hakodate Wagyu". Beef will fall in taste when storedfrozen. I'd like to offer the best beef to our customers, and that is ourcommitment. Therefore, the meat of our shop is all raw meat (all processedproducts such as seasoned meat etc are excluded). And pork is a popular SPFpig.


Store overview



Store name Meat of Tsushima
Establishment December1,1992
Street address Hakodate City Tayachou 12-13
phone number 0138-45-1763
Meat Meal Store Opening Hours AM11:00`PM19:00
Restaurant opening hours PM17:00`PM22:00
Lunch time opening hours (fully booked system) AM11:00`PM15:00
Regular holiday Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday