If you eat yakiniku in Hakodate If you want meat.

If it is grilled meat of Yakiniku in Hakodate, go to "Meat of Tsushima".


Welcome to Hakodate Wagyu Beef Store Yakiniku Restaurant Meat of Tsushima's website.


Our shop is the only shop selling Hakodate Wagyu in Hakodate, we also have a restaurant that can be eaten with grilled meat . Because the location of the shop is near Goryokaku Park , it is a shop that casually stops at the time of city sightseeing.


In our shop, we can eat beef with high quality and very delicious beef from Hakodate Wagyu of A3 ~ A4 class at reasonable price. Hakodate Wagyu is super delicious Japanese cabbage which is quite close to various Japanese cow brands in Japan.


Also at our shop, we will correspond to orders ・ shipping of Hakodate Wagyu so please call without hesitation.


Opened the second store of Meat of Tsushima "IRWAK"


We celebrated our 25th year in 2017 and opened "IRWAK -Iriraku" whichwillbeour 2nd shop in April of the same year.


Iriwak means "brothers" in Ainu language, brothers whoinherited the father's founder, who is the founder, as well as the head office,other meat selling including "Hakodate Wagyu" as the main brand, and steaksand hamburgers etc. at the eat in corner of the hotel We are offering.


IRWAK - Iliwak
Hakodate Food Market Hall


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About Meat


Our main brand "Hakodate Wagyu" is brown hair Japanesespecies (common name:Aka beef) which is produced in Kikkonai town in thesouthwestern part ofHokkaido facing the Tsugaru Strait.


It is a rare brand Japanese beef that is grown very carefully with 4testersand carefully fattened in a clean environment, only about 200 a yearisproduced. It is said to be the best masterpiece of livestock industry inSouth Hokkaido.
The characteristic is that it has a strong reddish taste and refreshes thefatand flesh and it looks beautiful in appearance.


Introduction of breeding cows from Kumamoto Prefecture as a ruralpromotionmeasure in the Showa 30 's, it is an attempt to maintain and improvethe meatquality, such as trying to replace part of the compound data with localfeedrice even now It is done actively.


In addition, we have various other names of Hokkaido such as "JapaneseWagyu" and "Tokachi Wagyu" etc.